Every assignment counts - even if it's a small one

The big projects with multiple locations and large developments are not always the most interesting ones - I like the small shoots where I can find a small detail or charming location I am able to emphasise. If you have a project to be photographed, small or large, don't hesitate to contact me so we can have a chet about it.

Creative Shelving

This was a project where the designer had the opportunity to create something truly unique and it was a great pleasure to translate the idea on a photograph.

True Colours

The simple, modern lines and the unique colour makes this alcove shelving stand out - liked how the light was falling into the smooth surfaces and formes.

Cutting Corners

My assignment was to take pictures of this grandiose shelving for the furniture builder's portfolio. The project was interesting enough, but the owner's lovely personality made the shoot really memorable.

Boxes and Flames

The box inserts and the built-in fireplace in this designer furniture transformed this otherwise ordinary media cupboard into something special. Presenting the warmth and uniqueness of a home is one of our main profiles.

Open and Light

Photographing a specific furniture is one thing, but capturing an entire living area is more like telling a story. The dynamic of this interior makes the inhabitants imaginable and likeable even though we don’t see them. When an image has even the slightest narrative - that’s the photographer’s reward.

Harmony in Colours and Forms

The bathroom maybe not the most interesting part of a house, however, it's one of my favourites. This is where the day starts and finishes and would be a mistake to underestimate its importance. I loved how the light falls on the textures and shapes and together with the natural colours, the atmosphere was warm and cosy.

Bar Mignon

Hard to catch the essence of a club when it is not full of people on a Saturday night, however, to show the interior it is far better to have it empty on a weekday morning.